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To be printed – “the manuscript.”

The manuscript is defined as the content of the book when it is not published or printed yet the content is then called manuscript. The manuscript may be edited or not edited by the editor or the editorial board. The writer gives a copy of the book which he has

Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Digital Marketing

University life is enriched with exposure, thrill, and lot more emotions but the major tension strikes when one sits to think about the life after graduation. Most of the students face various challenges in finalizing their career path and thus, are stressed for their future. Digital marketing is one such

Using Project Management Skills to Become a Leader

Some people are just born with it. It's an intangible thing. You're either an "A" player or you're not. Actually false, on three counts. And to take a lesson from project management -- which helps provide a scientific framework for management and decision making -- there's actually a science to becoming


The present scenario demands competitive attitude to ever field. We regularly need to upgrade ourselves in every area in order to gain excellence. This is same in the case for studies, a student needs to study in a reputed school or college in order to secure a good job. Normally

How To Improve Education In a Country?

Education has been more essential in than the previous years. It is a key to better our goals for the future. As a result, we see people, most especially parents plead on the government to improve the standards of the educational system. They have been more concerned with the kind

Dealing with restricted space on campus – A simple guide

Campuses, while offering all the necessary space for students to live, sleep and learn, they lack the necessary space for personalization and a comfortable living. Moving into student housing options is rarely the experience that students expect to find, especially since most of them are used to large bedrooms and

4 Writing Services with Big Pay Scale

People who say that writing jobs do not pay a lot of money apparently has not seen the world out of the nutshell. Writing is indeed a very dignified job, and the pay scale of the writers are beyond your imagination. The writing industry itself makes a big fortune that one

Great News, these American universities accept late applications

Normally, January 1st is the deadline for most undergraduate applications in most US universities, such as Harvard, Columbia, Brown, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, etc. This means that regardless of the success of the application, if you cannot make it on time, you are out of the game!   Many Chinese students are