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Earn Your HVAC Certification Online and Join this Lucrative Career

Earning your HVAC Certification at Ashworth College will prepare you to be the go-to phone call when sweltering heat or frigid winter storms leave the members of your community relying on technology that isn’t working. We give you the training and skills to complete your HVAC certification and start a new, rewarding career.

HVAC Technicians install, maintain and repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. You might be installing an AC unit in a person’s home one morning, and fixing a humidity problem in a hospital the next. Office buildings, schools, and retail stores all need maintenance work and repair at one time or another. Technicians from our HVAC certification program help people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

HVAC training online at Ashworth College will give you the skills you’ll need to repair heating and air conditioning units. We offer tips about troubleshooting various unit parts like valves, compressors and thermostats. Nineteen different specialized lessons will help you prepare to get your EPA Section 608 certification, not to mention get you ready for your career. Speaking of that certification exam, your enrollment in Ashworth College’s HVAC certification program includes a section 608 exam study guide and a $75 voucher that covers some of the expenses involved with taking the exam. That’s not something that all HVAC schools can offer!

The flexibility of Ashworth College’s HVAC training online is second to none. You decide when to do your coursework and how long you need to spend on it, allowing you to continue fulfilling the expectations of a busy life while studying. You don’t have to miss out on big life events, or take time off from your full-time job that is paying the bills right now. HVAC training online is affordable, and return is big: the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median salary range for HVAC techs is around $47,000 a year and that employment is predicted to grow 15% in the next 20 years.

You have a goal, and Ashworth College’s HVAC programcan help you succeed in the best way that fits your life and career aspirations.