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Everything one must know about the Texila American University

Texila American University is basically the huge campus which is offering medical education to their students from years. Students are always more attracted to get admission into the medical school in the Caribbean, be it the Indian students or the American students. Although there are several reasons the major reason behind the attraction towards the Caribbean medical school is not only the cost-effective fee structure but the university offers the best, recognized and complete qualification for the medical practice in future. Not only from India, has a huge number of students from U.S or Canada applied for these courses in the Texila American University. The students who have got rejected by the other medical schools have the higher chances of getting admission into a medical school in the Caribbean.

  • Another plus point to get the admission into the Caribbean medical school is that these medical schools offer 3 admission phases per year. If any student had faced rejection in any time then always apply in the next admission cycle. In all the 3 cycles of admission, a huge number of Indian students get admission into the medical school in the Caribbean. It is absolutely not difficult to get admission to the Caribbean medical school but the most tedious thing is to migrate to another place.

  • Some people are unaware of the fact that the Texila American University has the highest MCI percentage i.e., 96%. Isn’t it’s amazing? If yes then what are you waiting for? If someone is finding the most powerful point to take the admission into the Texila American University then the point is that the university’s CAAM-HP is in progress. CAAM-HP stands for Caribbean accreditation authority for education in medicine or other health professionals. The accreditation is not easy to get by the medical schools because the university or any medical school will get this accreditation only when the medical schools meet the standards of function, structure, and performance so that the best training and qualification can be provided to the students.

  • Sometimes, it is not possible for the students to get the visa of U.S so there is absolutely no need to worry about anything because one can easily get the admission into the other campuses in the other countries and one can easily get the visa of that country. The university gives the USMLE step 1 pass guarantee to their students. Along with that university have physical offices in India so that the students can get the full knowledge about the university, campus, sources, fee structure and many more. The university also gives free accommodation to their students in the first year which is a bonus point. So none another university can be better than this and if anyone wants to get into the university then get in touch with the authorities as soon as possible.