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How Can International students successfully apply for U.S Universities?

International students in China usually feel difficult to apply U.S universities, especially those top tier University. First, the educational system is different. Second, the information is not accurate and usually comes from other applicants’ own experience, which is sometimes too subjective. In addition, they are more difficult to get up to date school information because of the internet blocks. There are 3 useful tips that can help Chinese applicants to better understand U.S universities.

1.    US University rankings

It’s also known as “美国大学排名 in Chinese. The US news publishes a report of US university rankings each year. This can help students to evaluate their school academic performance and thus help them better choose their universities.

2.    TOEFL test and SAT test

Chinese students usually have a good academic report, but they need much effort to get a better score on TOEFL and SAT, especially English speaking and literature. Though Chinese students have enough English course during school, they lack a practice of English speaking. Looking for more opportunities to speak English is very important. For example, most US universities, such as “纽约大学” (New York University) requires a TOEFL score at least 100 and a speaking score at least 23.

3.    Enrich school activities

Comparing with US student, Chinese students have strong academic backgrounds, but they don’t have a unique characteristic or advantage. A diversified background is a key point for US universities to admit ideal candidates. Chinese students should try to develop their own interest and advantages during school times.