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How To Finish High School Online

If you are a parent of a student, who is interested in non-traditional alternatives to finishing high school, a student who needs a few classes to finish school and obtain a degree, or who has to work full-time while finishing high school, online high schools are a great option. This is the way to finish school online.

  1. 1. Decide what kind of online high school you would like to attend. There are a number of options, including online public schools, private high schools and online high schools supported by the university. Public online high schools are the least expensive, and you can be sure that they have the proper accreditation. Not all states have online public high schools available. However, the rules about who can and cannot participate in online classes are highly variable. Private online high schools offer some great options for more advanced classes and job training, but they can be expensive. It may or may not be accredited. Be sure to check the school’s accreditation before enrolling. Online high schools supported by the university are becoming more common. They offer the best of both worlds, including excellent classes at an affordable price; however, there are not as many schools of this type throughout the country as public and private online schools.
  2. Get a copy of your records from the last school you attended. While you will still have to obtain an official copy to send to the online school you have chosen, it is helpful to have a copy handy when choosing a school so you can determine if the school offers the courses you need.
  3. 3. Contact the school or schools you like and investigate if they offer the courses you need to get your diploma. Call, write or send an email to the schools you are considering, using the information in the copy of your school records to determine if they offer the classes you need. Also, if you are in contact with a private school, ask about accreditation, transfers, university and job placement. Gather all the information you need to make a final decision about which school to attend. Once you have contacted the school and found one that meets your needs, go ahead with your enrollment process, and you will be on your way to finishing high school online.


Accreditation is important. There are many accredited online high schools as well as unaccredited ones too, so be sure to check the accreditation status of any online high school before registering.