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Is homeschooling or public schooling better for your child?

When it comes to choosing the best for their child’s education, every parent wants to learn everything about all the existing possibilities in order to choose the best one. The education that your child gets is the one that will shape him or her as a grownup and it will have an enormous influence on his or her success in both professional and personal life. Choosing between homeschooling and public schooling for your child might be a difficult task for you as a parent because both of them have pros and cons. You just have to choose the one that you think is going to be more suitable for the needs of your kid.

What’s your child’s opinion?

Even if parents think they know the best for their children, sometimes kids might surprise you with a wisdom that you had no idea he or she as a child could have. Explain to your child what homeschooling and public schooling means and let him or her tell you the opinion regarding it.

Opportunities to socialize

Every child needs to socialize with kids his or her age in order to experience new things and gain new knowledge from people that have the same age and way of perceiving life. Surely, in public schooling, your child is going to have many colleges with whom he or she can play, talk, and learn from each other. However, if your child is an introvert person and has a hard time in socializing with kids his or her age, homeschooling might be a better option in order to avoid sending him or her to the public school where it is going to be really hard to adapt and your child will end up hating school for this reason.

Individual attention

One of the pros that homeschooling has is the one-on-one teaching method. If, in public schooling your child gets the opportunity to also learn from all his or her colleges, the professor might not be able to give an individual attention to all the kids because there is a large number of students in a class and there is no time to make sure that all of them understood the lesson entirely. This is actually a serious problem because shy kids tend to be left behind and only the ones that are not afraid to speak out are receiving attention from the professor.

Fixed or flexible timetable

One more aspect that you should consider is the fact that when you kid is going to the public school, a specific schedule has to be respected, which teaches your child to be organized with his or her time. However, homeschooling might make it look for him or her that the flexible hours of learning do not require as much motivation as public school does.

Extra-curricular activities

Surely, public schools ensure more extra-curricular activities for your child. However, if you choose to homeschool your child, you can buy all the materials required for those activities and look for a public storage Oakland where you can store them until the weekend comes and you can practice them together with your child which will also make you two bond more by spending time together.