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Language learning troubles and the solutions virtual language laboratories provides

It could just be fascinating to some people as they get naturally attracted to a particular language or accent. However, some are learning such languages because of career or business purpose. Being proficient in a foreign language is becoming more appreciated and the value placed on being able to speak one is on the increase.

Why should you learn a foreign language?

You don’t necessarily have to do so but now that the whole world is being integrated by the internet and advancement in technology, communication skills have more value than it has ever had. I’d stress the importance of communication over the fact that learning foreign languages could increase your reasoning capabilities. Everything, living or non-living is not valuable until it can affect things around it by communication. Life is a lot easier when you can communicate verbally without stress.

Your inability to speak foreign languages limits your opportunities to your locality. Absence of language skills is detrimental to businesses and the economy generally.

Is learning a foreign language easy?

No, I mean obviously not. It is time consuming, frustrating at first, and if you’re going the traditional way of having to travel considerable distances to attend classes then it can be exasperating as well. But what if you can have your language classes online? Things could be a lot easier. You don’t have to be in a classroom to acquire language skills. With the rapid decline in computer illiteracy, digital language learning exploded and is the latest trend today. With the help of e-learning and the learning environment virtual language laboratories create, one can learn any language online.

Virtual/online language labs

Usually involving the use of virtual classroom software, this is a platform that exposes you to a convenient and almost natural learning environment where you get tutored by language experts and live teachers. These platforms make it easy to learn languages online. Robotel Language Laboratory for example, is a world class online classroom that makes learning new languages easy. They monitor student work, perform live testing, allow voice recording activities, presentations, conversation pairing and provide differential teaching. It’s almost like you’re in an actual classroom.

Are there downsides of using online platforms?

Online tools make it easy and fun at the same time but it can also be less helping if you don’t possess the level of discipline it requires. It requires daily commitment and periodic reviewing which can be easily neglected by online users. They may also not be as challenging as offline face to face classes, you have to motivate yourself to learn and online platforms are not exactly natural. Language labs are effective if used diligently.