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Private Tuition Is Needed for That Extra Push – DR Elmi Zulkarnain OSMAN

In today’s Singapore context, many parents feel that a private tutor is capable of providing that extra push when needed because tuition centres have too many classes and too little time for individual attention.

This is especially significant when it comes to a year for major examinations such as PSLE, N Level, O Level or A Level. Burdened by large classes, individual attention is extremely neglected in schools and even tuition centres. This is why private tuition or often referred to home tuition, personal tuition, one-to-one tuition, individual tuition and small-group tuition, is very popular in Singapore.

As different students have different needs, some require personalised attention and some can excel in a small group. Private tutors are able to attune to the learning habits and skills of students that the teaching process is customized for maximum understanding and retention. A private tutor can also provide an extra pair of hands to guide your child along in his/her studies, plan a study schedule when exams are approaching and even provide new insights on the study material.


At Elemantra Academy, we strongly believe a private tutor can often give students a much-needed confidence boost. Sometimes all it takes to instil a little confidence in a student is to have a tutor identify what they are doing correctly and suggest how they may improve in the areas they are falling short in strengths whilst identifying weaknesses. And due to the ‘one to one’ basis of private tuition, tutors can quickly identify the areas a student may need to improve which is something that students may not be able to identify on their own.

These extra focus and tailored attention of specialised one-to-one private tutoring can be the major aspect that will make a difference to effective learning and good examination results.


For best Malay Language tuition in Singapore, look no further than Elemantra Academy. We’re proud to be among the BEST Malay Language Tuition Consultancy in Singapore that have the best Bahasa Melayu tutors in Singapore. Our tutors are adept in reinforcing the concepts of Bahasa Melayu Baku in their students by teaching them all the correct expressions and lineages.

Being in the industry for the past many years, we have observed that many parents neglected Malay as an important subject. They feel it’s easy and requires no extra training, only to discover in the end that their children are unable to comprehend many things, due to the poor command of Malay. For this and many reasons stated below, Bahasa Melayu Tuition in Singapore has become an essential tuition subject: Starting from primary education, secondary education and up to junior college for some.

Malay Language is best learnt by frequent speaking and writing. However, if the student’s environment does not permit it, appointing a Private Malay Tutor in Singapore will be helpful for your children.

Engaging a specialised Malay tutor in Singapore would mean to help your children to improve their Malay language. It may seem easy on the outset, but definitely not an easy feat to master it well. We understand the agony of not being able to find a good tutor for Malay Language tuition in Singapore.

If you hire one of our Malay tutors in Singapore, our tutors could help your child to improve Malay by giving them an extensive training in spelling, writing, comprehension, and grammar. Our tutors will not only prepare students for the class room settings and examinations, but also teach them general skills of the language to enhance their overall communication abilities.

Parents can contact us for any class ranging from Primary school, Secondary school, and even Junior College. We also have special arrangements for international students to learn the spoken and written language of Malay.

Through home tuition, students are able to gain the most benefit from their studies and fulfil their academic potential. Elemantra Academy recognises the importance of providing for a student’s individual needs and believe that confidence is the key to success!

Make a difference in your child’s education today by contacting us at!


Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman, Founder & CEO of Elemantra Consultancy (Singapore) bought over Bestari Tuition Singapore in 2018. Dr Elmi firmly believes that a good education opens doors to a better life and that the opportunity for education should be equal.

It is with this in mind that Elemantra Academy, which replaced Bestari Tuition Singapore set up in 2007, was established in May 2018.