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Reasons to stop thinking about one-to-one drum lessons in Singapore

It is becoming increasingly common among young children and children to sign up for drum lessons in order to improve their skills and their love of music. Finding private lessons in Singapore today is pretty easy. There are several schools that offer this at competitive prices, well-managed teachers, good services and lots of fun. The following is one of the recognized schools in Singapore.

Having fun to play drums for beginners is the most enthusiastic part to learn this unique instrument. It is the key factor that makes it easy for you to advance information as you perform the exercises. The fun also gives you the opportunity to learn faster and enhance the channels of creativity. For sure, you’ll need to find out one-to-one drum lessons available in Singapore that will grab your attention. Once you’ve found the right drum instructions, you should consider playing it for fun.

Aureus Academy

Aureus Academy, one of the leading music schools in Singapore with more than 3,500 students enrolled at various seven centers across the location. The Aureus Academy specializes in offering personally tailored violin lessons, piano lessons, vocal lessons and guitar lessons for students with all abilities and ages.

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In September 2013, Aureus Academy inaugurated its first branch at Delfi Orchard. Currently, there are around seven schools located at AMK Hub, 112 Katong, Eastpoint, Westgate, Rochester Mall, Shopping Mall forum, and Northpoint, and further two more schools are going to be inaugurated in April and May at Suntec and United Square respectively.

Our lessons are specially designed to appeal to each student in a way that brings interests to their learning style. When our students are interested in learning a tool for fun or seeking exam certification, Aureus Academy teachers tailor the lessons to cater the goals of each student and their objectives. We have students who are very fresh and have never played an instrument, students who are eager to play pop music like Coldplay, and students who want to clear the Grade-1 diploma exams. All of these students have adapted their music lessons to achieve their goals by our highly skilled teachers.

By popular demand from various learners, the Aureus Academy officially launches drum lessons in our forum at the Shopping Mall Centre. Drum lessons are offered for beginners to future rock stars! Whether you are just learning for fun or preparing for your next big bash, our drum teachers can provide proper guidance through your musical journey.

30 and 45 minutes lessons

  • Learn on one-to-one drum lessons
  • The session lasts from 30 minutes to 45 minutes once in a week
  • Trinity Grades 1 & 2
  • Classes are designed to be rewarding and fun
  • Minimum age to be 5+

60 minutes lessons

  • Learn on one-to-one drum lessons
  • 60 minutes of drum lessons once in a week
  • Trinity Grades 1 – 8
  • Classes should be challenging and fun
  • Minimum age to be 7+

Want to become the next rock star? The Aureus Academy offers drum lessons individually at two of our locations across Singapore!