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What Can You Do to Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Building?

The world is working together to reduce our energy consumption, knowing that this is one major way we can reduce our total carbon footprint on the planet. While our governments are implementing energy consumption restrictions, many businesses and individuals are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption even more. 

Measure Your Building’s Total Usage

The adoption of ashrae 90.1 regulates how much energy a building can use and it’s a regulation adopted internationally. That means compliance is necessary worldwide. New buildings will be designed to comply with this set of rules, but pre-existing buildings may have to be altered to meet the regulations. In either case, knowing how much energy your building uses is the first step to reducing consumption

Reorganize Your Use of Space

Once, this may not have been feasible, but the growing trend of remote working and traveling sales reps make it possible to change how much office space you use. If you can arrange for your staff to work from home a portion of the time, they may be able to share work spaces in the office. Similarly, a sales team can use cloud technology to access everything they need on the road, so do they need a physical department within your building? By limiting the use of space, you’ll also be reducing the use of energy.

Rearrange Your Office

After you have reorganized who uses your office, it may also be possible to rearrange how the office is used. For instance, clear clutter away from the windows to maximize how much sunlight makes it into the offices. Depending on which direction your offices face, you may be able to reduce the use of artificial lighting. A small remodeling job might help in this area, as well. By painting the walls a lighter color and replacing stained ceiling tiles, the room will have a brighter feel. In addition to reducing energy consumption, this can also help improve the morale of your team.

Do You Run a Smart Office?

The latest innovations in A.I. technology have changed the way we use energy in our homes. We have smart thermostats to more precisely regulate how the climate is controlled and smart lights to ensure lighting isn’t wasted in rooms, where there is no occupant. These are just a few of the ways smart home tech is reducing energy consumption in residences and there’s no reason these innovations can’t be adapted for the office. What you spend now on the technology will pay for itself, as those utility bills drop over the coming months.

There are many more ways to reduce energy consumption in the office. While same changes may not be possible, if you’re just the tenant in the building, there are some practices that you can still implement. Even doing a little to change how your office uses energy can have a deep impact on our total carbon footprint. Additionally, some of these changes may even make employees happier and more productive, especially if you look for ways to involve them in your office’s energy conservation practices.