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Which is the best student accommodation in Southampton?

If you’re looking for the best student accommodation in Southampton for the next academic year, you may be a little bewildered by all the choices available.

Although ‘best’ is often subjective, there’s a few key factors that will help you decide which is the best student accommodation in Southampton.


When you’re a student, it pays to have a well-located student accommodation. Close enough to classes, but also within easy reach of shopping, bars, cafes and other leisure facilities.

Don’t make the mistake many students make in getting cheap student ‘digs’ in an area that you need transport to travel to and from. This is a sure way to burn into your budget and is often false economy.

With Unilife’s Southampton Park House student accommodation for example, they are perfectly located close to the University and amenities such as Westquay Shopping Centre, museums, public transport connections and the city centre.


Halls of Residence can be a good option for student accommodation in Southampton, but bear in mind they’re often not as well specified or fitted out as private housing.

That said, there’s been a massive increase in recent years in property developers focussing on student accommodation, which has lead to an improved level of appointment when it comes to facilities.

Most purpose-built student accommodation now offers a variety of studio and duplex options, available for single, shared or even couples occupancy.  You can also expect bonuses such as bike stands, gyms, games rooms and communal spaces in some of the better appointed student accommodation in Southampton.


Whilst bills are often the bane of student life, they do need to be paid. What counts in the long run is convenience, and not having the hassle of needing to set up separate accounts with suppliers for telephone,  insurance, TV, internet, water, heating etc.

With purpose-built student accommodation in Southampton, you can often avail of all-inclusive pricing so there’s no unexpected bills or nasty surprises.


So perhaps you never imagined ‘luxury’ would be a factor with student accommodation?

Luxury and VIP Suites are also available that offer increased space, parking allocations and a better level of facilities. For those seeking a little more comfort in their student accommodation, these are a great solution for your ‘home away from home’.

Shared Occupancy

Not long ago, if you were in a relationship and looking to live together in student accommodation, it would only be possible if both partners were students.

However, it’s now possible in some cases to cohabit in student accommodation where only one partner is a student.

Ideal if your partner wants to stay with you without needing to study at the same university, and another positive to help you settle into student life in Southampton better.

Conclusion: which is the best student accommodation in Southampton?

Given the above five factors, it’s easy to see why Unilife’s student accommodation in Southampton is easy to consider as the best.

With easy billing, excellent facilities, ideal location and so much more , every effort has been made to help you in your time as a student in Southampton.