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Why Choose an MBA in Finance?  

Finance professionals realize that a graduate degree leads to certain success. While it is possible to have a rewarding career with just an undergraduate degree, an MBA provides students with a chance to leap forward in their goals. That’s why so many professionals go back to study at graduate business schools.

But why would a student choose an MBA finance? Is it really a great option for those who are interested in the finance industry? Aren’t there other degree programs that can be completed quickly that would offer the same employment opportunities?

In short, this MBA specialization is critically important in today’s business. In fact, the Princeton Review has named the finance specialization as one of their top five concentrations for business graduates. Here are just a few of the ways that this degree can help any professional.


While earning a Masters in Finance is a good choice for professionals who work in the industry or who hope to switch into that field, an MBA Finance often leads to more employment opportunities. That’s because an MBA is more versatile. Students can work at leadership levels in businesses, nonprofits, the government, and the public sector; finance-specific degrees do not offer as much flexibility.

Curriculum Flexibility

One of the great things about the MBA Finance is that it offers students a broader range of flexibility when it comes to their curriculum choices. Programs often give students choices when it comes to electives, which is a core area of the curriculum that does not affect the core curriculum or the concentration curriculum.

In addition, students may also have the opportunity to tailor their MBA to their specifications. This service is offered by prestigious colleges and universities around the country; they understand that a student’s career pathway may require some courses that traditional MBA programs do not offer.

This flexibility enables students the chance to take on internships that they may not have qualified for otherwise. A tailored curriculum can also teach students early on what other interests they may have in business. This leads to greater satisfaction on the part of the student and an impressive resume.

Employer Demand

Employers favor MBAs over other graduate finance degrees because it provides them with professionals who understand the broad world of business. In some cases, concentrating in finance as part of an MBA program makes the employee more attractive to more potential employers. And with more companies demanding MBA graduates, demand for better MBA programs with more specializations will also grow.

MBA finance is a great degree for any professional who is interested in continuing their career in the industry. With versatility in job placement, flexibility in curriculum, and a high employer demand, this degree will continue to set the standard for finance professionals in the coming years.